Spirituality & Worship

New Development: Currently, a group of couples and children, from toddler to teenager, are in the first stages of developing a way of gathering to build community and to worship together.  See worship page for details of this weekly gathering.

There are many ways to belong to our community of faith and there are many pathways of belonging.  What we all have in common is our practice of some form of prayer, worship or spiritual practice.

Usually there is both a personal and a corporate expression of this part of our life.  Jesus, in his teaching and by his own example, gave priority to the personal while assuming the latter.

Our round of prayer, worship and meditation is there to nourish our interior life and community life which in turn sustain us in our day to day living.    

It is the Holy Spirit who enables our spiritual practice and in the process gently reveals Jesus as the risen Lord.  At some point we hear his invitation, 'follow me'.  When we answer 'yes' to his call we are fully fledged on the Christian way.

The food for this journey is the Eucharist which sits at the heart of our community life and at the heart of our spiritual practice.



             Header Photo Credit:    View to  Pt Nepean and Arthurs Seat    Carole H Barwick   April 2007