Christ is risen, Alleluia!

He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Over these 50 days of the Easter Season, through the experience of the Apostles recorded in the sacred text of scripture, we celebrate our experience of Jesus now risen from the dead and present in the world and in His Church.

For the Diary:


In this part of the world one becomes aware of the tidal flows.  There is the ebb tide with the bay's vast volume of water emptying into the sea and creating a turbulent rip as it meets the Southern Ocean.  Then there is the incoming tide, and what a spectacular sight it is to see a large ship come through the heads at breathtaking speed being carried by such a tide.  In between there is the slack tide - a still time of rest and renewal and preparation for the next cycle in the ebb and flow of this dynamic waterway.

Just as the community of creatures inhabiting the ecosystems of the bay live in a dynamic setting, so we in our human communities live in a world that is constantly changing and presenting new challenges. As much as we would like things to be static and remain unchanged, modern life will constantly remind us that this is not the way things are. The church, along with the wider communities of which we are a part, face challenges which in many cases are unprecedented in the history of the human family.

We are a community of spiritual practice seeking to live lives that are happy, hopeful and life-giving for ourselves and in our relationships.  We are part of a general and global awakening that our relationships include those beautiful and complex ecosystems which sustain all life, not only human life, and that these relationships need to shift radically and quickly.

Our primary resource for this journey is our life in Christ which, by the gift of the Holy Spirit, gives us the wherewithal to give ourselves to God's future for us with joy, gratitude and hope.

Our Vision

Enlivened by the mystery which is Christ in us,
In solidarity with communities near and far,
We will make the Word of God fully known.

(Based on Colossians 1.24-27)


Header Photo credit View over Lake Victoria, Helen Martin April 2010