From Father Peter,
This month, August, 2017, we begin a new era in our life as Anglicans in this part of the world.  From now on we will gather each Sunday for Holy Communion as one community of faith alternating month by month between our two worship centres of St George's Queenscliff and St James' Point Lonsdale. (SEE PDF BELOW 'SUNDAY EUCHARIST')
There’s an ancient integrity to where we live which isn’t necessarily reflected in the politically derived boundaries of the Borough.
It is here, where we live, that the Black Swans, who gather in Swan Bay, with a few flaps of their wings, go to Lake Victoria in response to the dynamic and everchanging requirements of food and shelter.  It is here too that migratory birds from as far away as  Siberia, Alaska and Japan come to shelter, feed and raise their young.
So, from now on, we too will cross The Narrows month by month to be nourished by the Bread of Life given when we gather for Holy Communion at our sacred and beautiful worship centres of St George’s and St James’.  It is here too where we will continue to welcome and offer hospitality to those who come to us for retreat and respite including refugees and migrants:

Karen Mothers' Union Parish Visit Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 August.  ‘Them to us’ with a view to a reciprocal visit ‘us to them’ at a later time.

Over the last 9 years our fienship with the Anglican Karen community at St Thomas's Werribee has deepened to the point where we are in the process of entering into a formal partnership. Ten members of the Karen Mothers' Union will visit us later this month.  There will be opportunity over the weekend to meet eachother, hear eachothers stories and worship together. They are especially interested in speaking to the women of the parish to learn about Australian parish life from the point of view of the women; what they do and how they support the Church and Parish life.
For the Diary
Saturday:  4.00pm  Meet in Gill Hall.  Introduce to one another and practice a hymn which we can share at the Sunday Eucharist.  Followed by Evening Prayer
Sunday:  9.30am Holy Communion at St James
10.30 morning tea
11.00 Introductory words from Fr Peter
Followed by sharing stories
1.00 lunch. ‘Fusion’ Anglo/Karen
After lunch, walk to the seaside and the park
4.00 depart

Our Vision

Enlivened by the mystery which is Christ in us,
In solidarity with communities near and far,
We will make the Word of God fully known.

(Based on Colossians 1.24-27)


Header Photo credit View over Lake Victoria, Helen Martin April 2010