If you are in the process of preparing for a service of thanksgiving for the life of a loved one, may we offer you our sympathy and assurance that we are here to help you through the planning of a funeral service that will honour your loved one and help in some small way to bring comfort to you, your family and friends. The wounds of grief need time and care to heal. A funeral may help this process, by enabling you to acknowledge your loss and give thanks for the life of the person who has died, make you final farewells and begin to take up life again. A Christians funeral proclaims the Christian hope in the face of death – Jesus Christ, whose resurrection is the promise of our own.

Be assured that Mother Jo will work closely and gently with you and with your chosen Funeral Directors to provide a respectful and dignified service. As part of this process, it is important to get to know you as we discuss your needs as well as to plan the service. This usually happens around the time you will be meeting with your Funeral Director.

The service can take place in one of our two churches (St George’s, Queenscliff or St James’ Point Lonsdale) or at a funeral chapel, at the graveside or another venue.

Mthr Jo will work with you to plan the service an outline of which is as follows:

We gather in the presence of God

and remember the person who has died.

We listen and respond to the word of God, 

and proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.

We give thanks for the life new ended, 

and pray for those in need.

We leave the deceased in God’s care, 

and we continue life’s journey.