Congratulations on becoming engaged. It is a very exciting time and sometimes rather busy too. We are here to help make your special day memorable, peaceful and beautiful. We hope that together we can support you in preparing for a fulfilling married life together. 

We have two lovely historic churches from which you can be married. Reverend Jo is also happy to conduct your wedding on the beach, in a park, winery or other venue.

  • We are happy to marry you whether you have been married before or are currently living together.
  • We need a minimum of one calendar month plus a day to prepare the paperwork for the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • We must use the words from the Anglican Marriage Service. Please don’t worry about this as there are lots of choices within the service and we are happy for you to add other readings and additional vows if you wish.
  • We usually arrange three meeting to help prepare for your wedding. Importantly Mthr Jo would like to get to know you so that we can really enjoy the day together. The first meeting is generally a get to know each other with some preliminary work for the signing of the required documents, to decide on the dates of further meetings and to set a date and time for the rehearsal. At the second session we will sign all the necessary papers and generally prepare the wedding ceremony. A third session allows us time to put the finishing touches to the service and to answer any other questions.
  • We do not expect you to undertake marriage preparation classes but you might like to, so we recommend sessions run by Relationships Australia
  • Our hope is that this time of preparation will be fun. And that we can help you plan your wedding, reflect on your life together and generally enter into the future as life-long partners.