House Blessings

Moving into a new home or making the switch from living in the city to living in what was once your holiday home is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Transitions like this may be marked with a Service of Blessing. Mthr Jo is able to plan a simple service for your home as a way to mark this significant change in your life.  She usually brings Holy Water that has been blessed at a service of Holy Communion to be used as we moved from room to room. Words of blessing and appropriate prayers are used to create a peaceful and blessed abode for life in your new home. House Blessings can be tailored to your unique circumstance. Below is an example of the words that may be used at the front door of your home. 

Peace be to this house and with all who live, work and sojourn here

When Abraham by the oaks of Mamre welcomed the three strangers into his tent he unknowingly offered hospitality to the Holy One of Israel. So, we welcome strangers and friends alike to our home.

Let us pray that the Holy God will be at home in this house and bless it with his presence. 

May the eternal one always be with you may he share in your joys, and comfort you in your sorrows. May he inspire and help you to make your home a dwelling place of love offering the kindly hospitality of God. 

Peace and joy be to this house. Amen.