Weekday Worship & Meditation

Holy Communion

Wednesday: 10.00AM (BCP) at St James, Point Lonsdale 

Friday Healing Eucharist 5.45pm at St James, Point Lonsdale   

Morning and Evening Prayer at St James Point Lonsdale

Monday 9am and 5pm

Tuesday 9am and 5pm

Wednesday                5pm

Friday 9.30am

Saturday 9am and 5pm


Monday   8.30AM at St James Point Lonsdale

Tuesday  11.00-11.30AM  World Community for Christian Meditation at St James, Point Lonsdale in the Office Gathering Area    Resumes Tuesday 4th Feb, 2020

Tuesday 12.15-1.00PM    Icon Reflection and Meditation at St Georges, Queenscliff

St James Point Lonsdale

St George’s, Queenscliff