Daily Morning and Evening Prayer

Morning Prayer: 9.15am  Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

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FRIDAY   01/05/2020 Morning Prayer 9.15am 
PSALM 27; JOB 23.1-12; JOHN 14.6-14

SATURDAY 02/05/2020 Morning Prayer 9.15am
PSALM 116; LEVITICUS 26.27-45; JOHN 10.31-42

MONDAY 04/05/2020 Morning Prayer 9.15am
PSALM 118; NUMBERS 3.5-13, 3.40-51; JOHN 11.1-16

05/05/2020 Morning Prayer 9.15am
PSALM 105.1-22; NUMBERS 6.1-8; 6.22-7.5; JOHN 11.17-37

Evening Prayer:  5.15pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 

Please click the link below to join via ZOOM 


MONDAY 11/05/2020 Evening Prayer 5.15pm
PSALMS 114, 115; EXODUS 32.1-14; 1 CORINTHIANS 7.12-24

TUESDAY 12/05/2020 Evening Prayer 5.15pm
PSALM 105.23-45; EXODUS 32.15-35; 1 CORINTHIANS 7.25-35

/04/2020 Evening Prayer 5.15pm

PSALM 66; EXODUS 33.1-17; 1 CORINTHIANS 7.36-40

SATURDAY 16/05/2020 Evening Prayer 5.15pm
PSALMS 111, 113; EXODUS 34.27-35.9; 1 CORINTHIANS 9.15.27



In all the great traditions prayer is linked to daily and seasonal rhythms.  The ‘hinges’ of the rhythms of the day are the rising of the sun and its setting, hence Morning and Evening Prayer..  

Morning and Evening Prayer are designed as a collective observance.  It is an  experience of shared listening to the inspired text of Scripture and prayer in the modes of praise and petition.

(For solitary spiritual practice – the spiritual practice at the centre of Jesus’ teaching and practice, go to ‘Daily Meditation’).

While we have social distancing and lock down requirements we are using Zoom.

Please get touch through the ‘Contact us’ page below if you would like to know more before joining in.

Taken from A Prayer Book for Australia (APBA) pp 381-424.  Also on the free app: ‘Epray Daily’. Using Revised Common Lectionary. If you require a Prayer Book please contact us. 

St James Point Lonsdale

St George’s, Queenscliff