Daily Morning and Evening Prayer

At the moment  we are praying together using Zoom.

To enquire about or to receive the Zoom link and passcode for Morning and Evening Prayer please get touch through the ‘Contact us’ page or phone me on 0438 231 118.

Fr Peter

Morning Prayer: 9.15am  Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Evening Prayer:  5.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 

In all the great traditions, prayer is linked to daily and seasonal rhythms.  The ‘hinges’ of the rhythms of the day are the rising of the sun and its setting, hence Morning and Evening Prayer.

Morning and Evening Prayer are designed as a collective observance.  It is an  experience of shared listening to the inspired text of Scripture and prayer in the modes of praise and petition.

For our morning and evening prayer we use the A Prayer Book for Australia (APBA) pp 381-424.  These are configured afresh each day, with the set readings and prayers, on the E-pray app, available free  from the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
St James Point Lonsdale
St George’s, Queenscliff