Weekday Worship & Meditation

LATEST UPDATE: Due to the evolving situation relating to the spread of COVID-19, changes relating to our churches have now been put in place.

Worship Continues as below but with no Congregation

  1. Sunday Eucharist 10am and 5.45pm Friday Healing Eucharist live streamed.      (For the time being, Wed 10am and Sunday 5pm Holy Communion services are in abeyance)
  2. Morning Prayer 9am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  In St James’ Church.  Preceded by 30 minutes silent meditation.
  3. Evening Prayer 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday In St George’s Church.  Preceded by 30 minutes silent meditation.

Tthe bell will be rung in each church at the beginning of each of these Liturgies.

Holy Communion

Wednesday: 10.00AM (BCP) at St James, Point Lonsdale In Abeyance at this time

Friday Healing Eucharist 5.45pm at St James, Point Lonsdale   


St James Point Lonsdale

St George’s, Queenscliff