Baptism is the church’s way of welcoming new members into the family of the church. We baptise infants, older children and adults. Usually, baptism occurs as part of our regular Sunday Service. In some cases, private baptism at an alternative time can be arranged.

You do not need to be a regular attender at church, but we hope that the experience will encourage you and your family to attend on a regular basis. It is your choice to have Godparents or, in the case of adults, a sponsor.

Within the Baptism Service you are asked to make a number of promises before God and those present. These promises include that you turn to Christ and reject selfish living and all that is evil.

There is no fee for Baptism.

It is important for us to get to know each other and provide a space for you to ask questions and familiarise yourself with the Baptism Service. Sometimes we include a rehearsal, if that’s something we need to help everyone feel relaxed and at ease. This can be particularly helpful where older children are to be baptised.

To start planning the baptism of your child or for yourself, please make contact with our priest, The Reverend Jo White by email or mobile.